Is Customer Service Really Important?

Published 07/15 2014 06:04PM

Updated 07/16 2014 06:12PM

With Walmart wanting to bring a third store into town, KRBC decided to visit other retailers in town to see where they match up.

"Providing customer service we have a one on one activity with customers, we have plenty of staffing to help our customers, we believe in the checkout, getting our customers out quickly and efficiently." Todd Custer manages The Drug Emporium in Abilene. For him, price and customer service are an important part of the store, even if that means going the extra mile for them. "We also special order for our customers," Custer said. "Where you're not gonna get that with a big retailer."

Anthony Gallegos works as the Store Manager at the United Supermarket on Buffalo Gap. Gallegos told us that they are aware of the customers shopping experience "needs" and they too, make it a point to focus on that. "We share many markets with the bigger retailers and I feel that over the years we've done a pretty good job of differentiating ourselves from community aspect," Gallegos said. "Just taking care of our guests that come in the door."

What about the customers themselves? The reviews are still mixed. Some of the customers at a Target parking lot told us they think a third Walmart is good, customer service or not. "I can see where that would benefit people who live on that side of town, also my husband who comes that way from work," said Vicki Rowan. When asked if she preferred Target over Walmart her reply, "Nope, I'm going to Walmart right after this," she said.

Other Target customers who did not want to be interviewed on camera, said they prefer the "other guys" any day, and Walmart was not the place for them. One customer explained that, "At Target at Sears at Kmart and alot of the other stores, their sales people are more knowledgeable. They're willing to help you and they don't act like you're a burden. That's just not the case with Walmart."

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