Is the Cold Weather Making You Sick?

Published 11/21 2013 08:02AM

Updated 11/21 2013 08:18AM

We are heading into winter weather in the coming days, and when the temperatures drop, many are concerned about getting sick. And with so many social holiday gatherings on the calendar, catching a bug is the last thing folks want to deal with.

Baby it's cold outside--well it's cooling off at least here in the Big Country.

Along with the chill in the air often come some preconceived notions as to what Jack Frost may do to your immune system.

"One of the big problems in the wintertime is that the cold fronts come in, and it chills the air and dries it. So we bring it indoors and we heat it, which super dries it. Low humidity increases the risk for infections", says Dr. Doug Fullerton, of Abilene Regional Medical Center.

Though the dropping temperatures certainly call for coats and cocoa, a freeze doesn't necessarily mean your health is shattered.

Dr. Fullerton explains that with social gatherings, many of us swarm inside and can easily spread germs if we are washing our hands regularly.

Keeping germs at bay is the best way to avoid feeling under the weather--no matter what's going on outside.

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