Is Your Brain Healthy? You Might Be Surprised.

Published 11/11 2013 12:53PM

Updated 11/11 2013 12:58PM

You may have heard of the Personalized Training Program to improve brain performance called Lumosity. If you haven't, it is a series of specialized games that are focused on enhancing memory, attention, problem-solving and speed. There are millions of different users and they have all reported different results, so there are no two Lumosity experiences that are the same. The more you participate, the better your brain improves.

Anyone during their daily work tasks rely on executive function to recognize and adapt to changing conditions. That is the part of your brain that consists of your working memory, task-switching, planning and attention. This is why an impaired executive function can drastically lower quality of life. People who suffer from executive function deficits are mentally inflexible, failing to understand alternate perspectives or recognize mistakes.

A group of professionals, including neuroscientists, clinicians, and teachers, have come up with games hand-picked to train elements of executive function: working memory, processing speed, mental flexibility and verbal fluency. In a study over the course of 12 weeks, half of the study's 41 women completed 48 Lumosity training sessions, while a control group did not train. After the 12 week period, each of the women took the Wisconsin card sorting test (WCST). The WCST is a widely-used neuropsychological test that challenges the participants' mental flexibility, forcing them to think on their feet and provide creative solutions. Those who had trained with Lumosity improved significantly on the WCST after 48 training sessions, while the control group did not improve.

There are several on-going research projects involved with Lumosity that determine if the program can help heal ailments other than those that attack the brain. There are studies to see if Lumosity can improve rehabilitation patients with multiple sclerosis, psychotic symptoms, strokes, schizophrenia, children with ADHD, anxiety, emotional control, navigation skills and of course Alzheimers.

Click Here to visit the Lumosity website and learn more about the benefits. If you are looking to improve your brain health, enjoy the free games that can only help your memory.

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