Jones County Clerk's Office Warning Residents of Property Deed Scam

Published 07/08 2014 10:08PM

Updated 07/08 2014 10:45PM

Employees at the Jones County Clerk's Office are concerned after many residents received a notice asking for money to get a copy of their property deed.

It is not the clerk's office sending out the mail, but the sender is a company based in California called Record Transfer Services.

On Tuesday, county clerk LeeAnn Jennings says she first received a call stating a resident received a notice which listed Jones County asking for $83 to obtain a deed to the property and a property assessment profile.

"They all look the same and are somewhat similar to what our tax statements look like," says Jennings.

Property owners can obtain the same type of documents by only paying $1 per page at the clerk's office. About 20 people called the office on Tuesday thinking the county may have sent the note.

"What concerns me about this is that there is a date," Jennings said. "Someone not familiar with property records and how they work may feel like a transaction had taken place and might pay the amount."

The note indicates that a transaction have taken place July 3rd. The bottom of the page does state that the letter is a solicitation and by all means people should not feel obligated to pay the amount stated. However, Jennings thinks the fine print may confuse the elders.

"There is a large older population in Jones County," Jennings said. "We've had younger people receive the mail and almost believe it is real."

Some property owners from Callahan County also received a similar notice this week. Property owners are the only ones that can make a transaction with their deeds, and they all recorded through the clerk's office.

Jennings asks if people have any questions, to call the clerk's office at 325-823-3762.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Record Transfer Services who sent out the notices is not accredited to its standards and is rated an F.

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