Keep Abilene Boring? Bus Company Combats Perception

"I think it's pretty boring."

"There's not a whole lot to do."

Sound familiar?

"We've checked out the parks, the zoo, the museum," says one Abilene resident.

"Compared to major cities like dallas, where I'm from, it's not too fun," Nathan Rose adds.

There is even a slogan dedicated to the theme: "Keep Abilene Boring."

But there is a Texas bus company trying to change that perception.

"Being in Abilene, and in west Texas in general, you feel so isolated, it's further out. So the big question is how do you get places and how do you get there economically when the prices are so high for fuel," says Thom Fox.

Gotta Go Trailways may have the answer.

"Some of the things we're working on is trips and tour trips out of Abilene, going to Schlitterbahn and Six Flags, things like that," says Fox, the owner of Gotta Go Trailways.

The ability to load 57 people into one vehicle and split the cost does not sound like such a bad idea, especially in this economy.

Reliability and comfort, all for a reasonable price.

"The seats recline to a reasonable position where everybody is comfortable," says Robert Williams.

Despite what some think, there are people who are interested in checking out what Abilene has to offer and the company is accommodating that population as well.

Fox says, "Bringing people out Dallas-Fort Worth, out to Perini's Ranch and to Abilene to visit some of the sites out here."

No matter what your idea of fun may be, Gotta Go Trailways has the keys to unlock whatever door of entertainment you may choose.

For more information, you can call 800-468-8239 or visit their website by clicking here.

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