KRBC at 10: 391 Registered Sex Offenders in Abilene, Is Your Family Protected?

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - Tonight on KRBC News at 10, reporter Madeline Montgomery is (literally) tackling an important but unfortunate issue that seems be a daily topic in our newscasts - sex crimes. 

Madeline has been digging deeper into how local law enforcement track sex offenders after prosecution and she'll have tips and tricks on how to protect yourself against the crimes that landed these suspect behind bars.

Detective Stacey Cisneros gave Madeline a look at how the police department monitors all 391 sex offenders in Abilene, then she got some hands-on experience learning self-defense with Chip Townsend at Teamchip Tae Kwon Do.

Townsend offers a free self-defense class each month to ensure every resident can take protection into their own hands. 

Be sure to tune in to KRBC in just a few minutes to watch what could be a life-saving report. 

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