Abilene Cell Phone Ban Unlikely For Now, As Long As Drivers Put The Phone Down

While its not likely to happen anytime soon, the mayor of Abilene says if drivers don't get the message that texting behind the wheel isn't safe...lawmakers will have no choice but to take some sort of action.


"If we have more and more accidents involving texting and driving and cell phone use, i can see not only would it be something that the cities would approach, but the state of Texas would," the Mayor said.


The idea hasn't been brought to the table just yet, but it could.

Last week an Amarillo city commission voted 4-1 to approve an all out ban of using handheld devices while driving.

If caught, police can fine a driver up to 2 hundred dollars.


Abilene police say they notice distracted drivers all the time.


"Without a doubt, the motor vehicle crashes that we investigate weekly involve some form of driver distraction," says Abilene assistant chief of police Doug Wrenn.


But, they're not convinced an all out ban is the solution right now.


"I would say it's so prevalent that we would not be able to keep up with the demands of actual enforcement of such a law," Wrenn said.


So what can be done? Mayor Archibald says the first step, is a citywide effort to put down the phone, and pay attention.


"The best thing is to educate yourself and commit not to text and drive. And if that happened alone, with true commitment, then I think were going to see less lives lost, less property damage because of accidents and wrecks, and were a better society because were educating ourselves."

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