Abilene High School Students Get Hands-on Look into Texting and Driving Dangers

It's the middle of the school day, but these students aren't playing video games. Instead, they're getting a hands on look into the dangers of texting and driving. It's something many of them say they've already experienced first-hand.

"I just looked down for one second and someone cut me off and I almost ran into them," admits student Julia Kyker. 

"This girl was texting beside me and started driving into my lane and I had to swerve out of the way," says senior Mercedes Velez.

"I'm guilty of it and I think a lot of people are," added 18-year-old Sam Berry.

The AT&T campaign travels to high schools across the country. It puts drivers in the front seat in hopes they will get the message.

"It's fine to text, just don't do it when you're driving," Explains Randy Teakell, area manager of external affairs for AT&T.

"As opposed to parents telling their kids not to text and drive, we hope students tell their parents not to text and drive.

A valuable lesson we can all respond to. As for that text, it can wait.

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