Abilene Investor Backs Out of Water Park Deal

"Put your money where your mouth is and lets get something done."

This was the challenge Kenneth Musgrave gave to over 4-thousand supporters of what was a friendly Facebook page titled "The Abilene Waterpark Petition."

A land owner and business investor, Musgrave was involved with the idea of bringing a water park to Abilene, ever since the creator of the page asked for his help.

What was started no more than 3 months ago, the page has garnered widespread interest -even catching the eye of water park operating company, Hawaiian Falls.

But now, Musgrave says he's now disgusted- at the amount of negative comments and personal attacks posted on the page, after he asked supporters to contribute five to ten dollars to a bank account over a period of four months.

After that time, Musgrave promised to refund every penny if the deal wasn't moving forward.

"I explained that talk is cheap, and any amount in escrow would prove the interest," Musgrave said.

The responses he got were mostly negative, 'people don't have money to just give away' one person wrote.
Another adding, "Mr. Musgrave can afford to build it. My tax dollars should be contribution enough."  

Then-he says-the comments got personal.

"Many of the responders were just simply jealous of me," said Musgrave.

He says it soon became clear that this wasn't the right time for him to take the plunge.

"I'm not looking for another battle," he said. 

And with that, he says he will no longer be involved in funding what many believe could have been a big splash.

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