Abilene Man Celebrates 100 with Restored Chuck Wagon

In 100 years, Cecil Blackburn says he's seen so much history, it's hard to recall all of it. But one thing is for sure, he doesn't feel any older.

"About like it was when I was 80," he laughed. "A little older."

Regardless of how old he feels, Cecil spent his one-hundredth birthday celebrating with family in a place that is very familiar to him.

"I walked around on this place, on this ground right here when, oh I was about four or five years old," he said.

And part of the celebration included a chuck wagon. It originally belonged to Cecil when he was a child, and was restored by some of his family members.

"He'd always tell stories when we'd go ask him something. He was talking about coming up through the lane here pulling it with the horses," said Cody Smith, Cecil's great nephew who helped restore the wagon.

With the help of his great uncle, they were able to make the wagon as close to what it was when Cecil used it, even though there wasn't much left. Allowing for a little show and tell as he recalls the last century of his life.

"My dad bought that in 1916," Cecil said of the wagon. "He hauled wheat in it."

But being able to share his memories and chuck wagon with his family is really all that matters.

"It's neat hearing the stories from the wagon," said Cody. "It's really neat that you have something  that was here at the same time he used it. And things that he has seen come with this."

"There was four generations of family here today," said Cecil. 

And now, the chuck wagon will be around for future generations to come.

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