Abilene Man Gets New Roof for Free After Needing Repairs for Over a Decade

By Courtney Burris | cburris@krbc.tvg

Published 07/25 2014 06:46PM

Updated 07/25 2014 07:03PM

Randy Towery's home is swarming with workers and the sound of hammering and sawing. The sounds of improvement are something that Towery has been hoping to hear for more than a decade.

Randy was in a car accident between Abilene and Clyde on Valentine's day of 1997 that left him with a traumatic brain injury. He now has trouble getting around and communicating. Since then, its been a challenge to make ends meet.

Randy's roof had been in bad shape for more than a decade, but the hail storm in June made the damage even more extensive. Guardian Exteriors, a nationwide roofing company that has an office in Abilene, did some work on a neighbor of Randy's house. Randy struck up a conversation with one of the Guardian Exterior employees and asked for an estimate on his roof. The total was far more than he could afford, but Jason found about Randy's journey and was inspired by his determination.

"Randy himself is a real stand up guy as I got to learn more and more about Randy, and got to talk with him several times, it was pretty clear to me that this was something we needed to do for him," says Jason Ayesh of Guardian Exteriors.

Within a few days, Aysesh got it approved by his managers to help Randy out in a big way. He also worked to get the roofing supplies donated. Roma Martin of Wichita Falls, Randy's mother, says she was thrilled when she learned that the company planned to replace Randy's roof for free.

"You don't think that things happen like this. This is like winning the lottery it happened to Randy," explains Roma. Luck and fate may have played a part in this act of kindness, but Randy's neighbors say that he is very deserving.

"He has struggled, but he's got a strong will to live and to move on. He amazes me. He has moved mountains," says neighbor, Suzann Sterling. Another neighbor, David Herd says he has known Randy since 2001 and enjoys spending time with him. "He's got a good sense of humor. We always sit down and trade jokes and that sort of thing."

Besides jokes, golf is something these two neighbors talk about. "I'm positive that if the accident didn't happen, that Randy would be on the PGA tour today," says Herd. Randy played golf at Tarleton State before his accident, and still loves to talk about the game.

"You versus the course. You versus individuals. You control everything, so you can't blame anyone but yourself," explains Randy.

Although Randy's life is not exactly played from the fairway anymore, his spirit and determination are unwavering, and this new roof, will provide a lifetime of protection from all of life's water hazards.

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