Abilene Midday in the Dark

It's Friday, so that means it is time again for Feedback Friday.

Our first story has to do with the news that Dyess Air Force Base will be restructuring and thus some jobs will be lost in the process, both civilian and military.

Day had this to say,

"Big Spring freaked out when they closed the base out there, then they turned the base into an
industrial park and the city got a ton of new jobs and tax revenue. All in all it was a much better situation that the base ever was".

Randy adds his two cents as he says,

"Requires less people to maintain & fly the newer C-130J's. So the number doesn't seem far out of line. Still a loss of revenue for all of Abilene. Big thanks to all the Dyess Airmen."

Next we take a look at viewer feedback regarding the story we told you about the purse snatcher who has been stealing purses from women in schools, religious establishments, and even department stores.

Jeanne says,

"Now that she's locked up, hope jail employees hang on to their purses."

Lisa had this to say,

"It should read: Police call ambulance for suspected snatcher after she got owned."

As you may recall we experienced a power outage here at the station on Thursday around midday.

And that was at the very time our John Nolan and Katie Thompson were trying to do their Abilene Midday news program.

 Well, they ended up sitting in the dark like lots of folks around the area. 

Heidi chimed in with this,

"We know you guys are doing everything you possibly can under the circumstances. We knew this would probably happen!"

Shala said, "I'm not far from the studio and my power never went off."

And we finish with this comment from Betty,

"Y'all are so adorable..... Are u a couple??" 

Well, Betty I do not believe that to be the case, I mean they are adorable, but I do not think they are a couple but I thank you very much for your kind words for my colleagues.

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