Abilene Police Investigating Local CPS After Klapheke Case

The Abilene Police Department has taken the local CPS office under investigation after the case of Dyess mom,Tiffany Klapheke, whose neglect lead to the death of one of her children.

Klapheke's 22-month-old died of severe neglect, dehydrated, malnourished and with postmortem chemical burns on her face, torso and extremities from lying in urine.

Her other two children, a 6-month-old and a 3-year-old, were taken to a hospital and treated for thier injuries, also stemming from severe neglect.

Klapheke is currently in prison and charged with three counts of injury to a child.

The Houston Chronicle has reported, and the Abilene Police Department has confirmed, that APD is investigating the local CPS office over their handling of the Klapheke case.

According to the Houstan Chronicle, CPS had been investigating the neglect of Tamryn Klapheke, the toddler, for 11 months before police were alerted to the case.

APD has said that at this point in the investigation, they are not releasing any additional information.

To read the Houston Chronicle article concerning the investigation, click here.

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