Abilene Police Raid Local CPS Office

APD Chief of Police Stan Standridge said his department has reason to believe CPS employees mishandled and tampered with important documents relating to their investigation into the toddler, and her 22-year-old mother, Tiffany Klapheke.

22-month old Tamryn Klapheke was found dead in her crib in soiled sheets in late August, after suffering severe neglect and malnourishment at the hands of her mother.

Just six days prior, a CPS employee quickly and quietly closed an 11-month investigation into the young child and her 2 siblings. 

Three Abilene CPS employees were named on a search warrant and also as suspects in the case.

Tuesday morning, detectives could be seen searching the Vine street CPS office, and carrying out what appeared to be documents and papers into several unmarked police cars.

Chief Standridge says at this time, the investigation only pertains to the Klapheke case, but the search could yield new information on what other issues were taking place at the local agency.

No arrests have been made at this time. After a thorough investigation, the department hopes to present the case to the district attorney, for prosecution.

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