Abilene Secures Water Rights For Cedar Ridge Reservoir

Mayor of Abilene Norm Archibald is one of many who say the future of the state of Texas revolves around water.

"It will be very important for the whole future of this state that we have adequate water supplies," The mayor said.

Having completed paperwork for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the city is now one step closer to a project that would build a water pipeline at Cedar Ridge reservoir in Throckmorton county.

Five times bigger than Lake Fort Phantom Hill, city officials estimate the pipeline would address water issues for years to come.

Construction on the project, although still ten-plus years away, could cost more than 200-million dollars, the most expensive project in the history of Abilene.

The TCEQ will now perform technical evaluations on the proposed plan, which could take up to two years to complete.

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