Abilene State Park moving forward with plans for swimming and riding

Got cabin fever? Then Abilene's State Park is the answer for you.
Attendance at the park is up this year compared to last, and Superintendent Rick Thompson says he's working on a few things that could give that number a big boost.

"The park is a work in progress," says Thompson. "There are a lot of ideas we have, things we wanna do to make the visitor experience better."

For one, you'll soon be able to get your feet wet in lake Abilene. Last summer, Abilene city council approved swimming at the lake, which was once used as a city water supply.

The only thing stopping swimmers from diving into the lake, is the lack of water to swim in.

"The big limiting factor right now is the water level. Right now it's basically a mud puddle," said Thompson.

If you prefer to be on land, or maybe horseback? Plans are moving forward to allow horseback riding on park grounds.

"We've kind of been waiting on this for a year now to get to this point," Thompson said.

Thompson recently proposed the idea to a state board from Austin. He hopes to have a public usage plan implemented in as little as six months.

"We've already identified some trail routes, it's just a matter of continuing the process and getting things approved along the way," Thompson explained.

Right now, there is plenty to do . The park boasts multiple trails to explore and plenty to look at.
So get out and enjoy the sunshine, the way mother nature intended.

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