Abilene Woman Breathes Easier With New Lungs

Published 04/24 2014 10:28AM

Updated 04/24 2014 10:44AM

A happy ending for an Abilene woman who has battled a lung disease for over a decade. Twice, she made it to the operating table to receive a pair of donor lungs, and twice she was let down when doctors discovered they weren't a fit.

We are now happy to report, Cheri Cisneros is breathing easy with a new set of lungs.

The flowers have never been more beautiful, or smelled as sweet for Cheri.

Every deep breath in, she's reminded of how far she's come.

"That was an awesome day, that was a celebration day," says Cheri, referring to the news of her surgery.

After fighting the lung disease, COPD, for over a decade, 52-year-old Cheri underwent a double lung transplant.

And now, not only can she breathe, "I can do anything, that's what's so awesome about it!" Cheri tells us.

After two false alarms, Cheri finally got a call that changed her life forever.

"After hearing 'no' two times before, I was really concerned. But they came in and said 'yes,' and I said 'praise the Lord!'", Cheri explains.

Now instead of dragging around an oxygen tank, "I considered that my leash," Cheri tells us. Cheri now holds a different kind of leash--two leashes, actually, for her new puppies.

"The next thing I knew, I woke up in the ICU and had new lungs, and I could breath. I had no oxygen on, it was amazing," Cheri explains.

While life is sweet for Cheri, she knows her story could've taken a different turn, and urges others to read this chapter of her life as a warning.
"Never smoke in your whole life. Never pick up a cigarette," Cheri says.

Though a cliche, the chance to wake up and smell the roses has never been more serious to Cheri.

Cheri is hosting a yard sale the first Friday and Saturday of June at 2458 South 3rd, to help cover the cost of her medical bills.

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