Abilene YMCA To Open Preschool At St. James UMC

Volunteers at St. James UMC are working fast to put the finishing touches on what will be the city's newest preschool.

"It's been a great collaboration. The church has pretty much re-done the whole childcare wing," Explains YMCA President and CEO Roberto Aguirre

The church's former child development center closed abruptly in June, after directors decided they couldn't keep up financially.
Aguirre says that's when he made the decision to step in.

"We knew there was going to be a need," said Aguirre. "It feels good to serve the community and help the families. Childcare is a program in which the children participate but the parents need it. They need childcare in order to be productive citizens, in order to continue school...we recognize that."

Since then the YMCA and a group of dedicated volunteers have been working double time to get the preschool up and running before summers end.

"We're moving somewhat rapidly to make it happen. Because we recognize that the beginning of the school year is a crucial time for parents to place their children in quality programs," Aguirre Said.

Aguirre predicts the multiple classroom  center will be able to hold 120 kids. That's 80 new spots for parents to grab.

"We're happy to help. We are having to move a little fast," Aguirre said. " It makes for long days, but none the less I think the rewards are going to be worth the effort."

The preschool will accept children two years and older.
To sign up, act fast as vacant spots will fill up quickly.
Contact the YMCA Abilene at 325-695-3400

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