After the Tornado: Blanket Students Shocked, School Rebuilds

Twenty seconds. That's how long students say it lasted. But the damage the tornado left behind looks like it lasted much longer.

"Yeah I wanted to cry," said one student. 

"I actually cried," continued another.

"I'm ready for summer, but I didn't want our school to be destroyed," the first student explained.

"The windows started bowing in and a guy from cook's fish barn opened the back door and it relieved the pressure so the windows wouldn't break and scatter," said a student who was at Blanket ISD when the tornado hit.

That's what students say happened when they realized that they needed to take shelter.

"We had to go hide in one of the middle rooms, and that's when the ceiling ripped off," she explained. 

So now, they mop up the water. They pick up the debris. And they repair what damage they can.

"It looks like the tornado b-lined down in a c-motion over these three buildings," said principal Damon Wilson. 

Walking along the roof and down the hallways filled with roaring fans, Wilson has spent his day trying to find all the harm done.

"We had air conditioners displaced," he said. "We also had a garage door that was removed. Dumpsters that were completely moved from their places."

Not to mention the 30 by 50 foot section of the gym roof hat was torn off. And the soaked floors and carpets.

And he says the damage done to the school goes much further than what happened to the buildings. Textbooks, computers and even the buses may need to be replaced.

"So there's lots of little things that we haven't even thought of yet," said Wilson. "There'll be things we'll be finding probably over the next several weeks. Even though our summer's started a little earlier for us, it's going to be a busy one."

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