Animal Shelter Remains Overcrowded, Euthanasia Numbers Rise

it's a full house at the Abilene Animal Shelter.

Intake and euthanasia numbers continue to rise, but what catches the shelter's attention is the sharp increase of animals being surrendered by their owner.
The shelter had over 100 come in  last week, and officials say many of those owners say they simply cant afford to keep their pet any longer.

"It's a lot financially," agrees Abilene resident Nicole Salazar.

Salazar knows the feeling. She recently adopted a dog for her daughter, and can already tell keeping it will take some financial planning.

"The first vet bill was one-hundred and forty dollars and I have to go back in a few weeks for another one-hundred and fifteen dollar bill," said Salazar.

Shelters have been slashing prices to try to get animals out the door, but feel the only way to ease overcrowding is to stop before it starts...with responsible spay or neutering.
They say that's the only way this problem can ever be solved in the future.

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