APD SWAT Team Prepared To Protect

They are strong, fast and accurate

These are the men behind Abilene's Special Weapons and Tactics ...also known as the SWAT team.

"They are very physically fit,very ready,very professional," says instructor and SWAT officer Phil Sage.

Luckily, you don't see them very often. But they're training year round, and preparing for anything..just in case.

"We go to dangerous situations and we have to be physically fit to handle just about anything," says Sage.

Physical fitness is something the department puts a major focus on. So at least once each week, and for several hours, you'll find the SWAT team in full gear.

"We test our individual skills through setting up events like shooting events,running events," explains Sage. "Then we actually try to re-create situations that we may encounter out there on the streets."

The obstacle course at the Warren Dodson training center is nothing to mess with.

"Our obstacle course is probably known as the hardest in the state if not the country," says Sage.

At a mile and a quarter long the course includes thirty challenging obstacles.

"It's probably one of the most intimidating courses and one of the hardest in the State," says SWAT officer Tim Pipes. "But we're proud of that, because it trains us."

Trains them not only to be prepared, but to work as a team.

"Teamwork is everything in the police department," said Sage. "We really are a group of individuals bonded together to do better for the community."

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