Asthma Concerns Spark During Allergy Season

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - Pollen counts continue to stay elevated during this Spring season. 

As pollen counts rise, people diagnosed with asthma could be suffering due to allergy induced asthma.

"I am allergic to every grass, every tree, everything in this part of Texas basically I'm allergic to it"

Angelica Mason is an Abilene resident who struggles with asthma and says it's something she has to deal with everyday.

But as pollen counts increase and it continues to trigger her allergies, it can also make her asthma worse.

Susan McQuade, an asthma specialist, says she's seeing an increase in the number of patients children and adults and that it can sometimes lead to hospitalization.

"Theres a lot more kids coming in that their asthma has been under control for years and their parents are saying well this caught us off guard, they were outside playing and they end up in the hospital." 

The pollen count is so high that she says people who aren'tt diagnosed with allergies or asthma are seeing symptoms.

"I've seen it in people who don't even have allergies, their seeing symptoms."

"There are subtle signs that their asthma is starting to flare up and if we can catch them at those signs which would be...chronic runny nose, dark circles under their eyes, if they go to bed with a cough."

Keeping your allergies under control is important.

"If we can catch it there then we can start treating it and prevent them from being hospitalized."

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