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Published 08/26 2014 05:50PM

Updated 08/26 2014 06:16PM

"Well I would just say you have to do what works for your family," said Keri Sanders. Sanders is a mom whom, along with her husband J, decided they wanted to home school their kids.

"We don't necessarily advocate that this is the best way to school your kids, this is just what works for us."

Their oldest, twelve-year-old Laurel  started in public school, but by the third grade she began to struggle.

"They explained it to us and said do it, and if I needed help I had to raise my hand and draw everyone's attention," said Laurel.

It was then, that her parents, Keri and J began to consider other options.

"We just realized that we wanted to spend more time with our kids and give them the opportunity to do some maybe different educational opportunities," said Keri. 

"That they wouldn't get to do in public school and to kinda teach to their different learning styles."

The Weaver family, who also home school their kids have very similar reasons for the decision.

"I can see where each are at and reach them where they need to be reached and certain subjects they need more attention than others," said Vivi Weaver.

It was also about their individual learning styles said Vivi and she wanted to make sure that her and her husband helped their children every step of the way.

Their children also prefer homeschooling over traditional school.

"I like the freedom that we have we just have more freedom with our time and our grades I'm a little bit ahead in our math and science," said Josephine Weaver. 

"I was able to get a little bit ahead of that so I've always been a little bit better at that kind of stuff."

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