Bangs ISD Students Targeted By Online Predator

Published 05/07 2014 06:52PM

Updated 05/07 2014 10:36PM

Tuesday, parents of Bangs ISD students received a letter from the district asking them not to overreact, but to partner with them in keeping their children safe from an online predator.

Jennifer Eppler, a parent of three children in the Bangs ISD explained she was shocked when her eight year old daughter handed her the letter. "Well its basically talking about how somebody is soliciting our kids online and trying to get them to send pictures of themselves and it concerned me when I got it."

The Bangs Police Department learned of the solicitation of local students through Facebook on Sunday when a juvenile filed a complaint.

"More specifically someone had contacted that individual and asked them to preform or be involved in the production of specific sexual acts and illicit pornographic activity" explains Bangs Police Chief, Troy Grusendorf.

Although the exact number of students contacted by the online predator is unclear at this time, Superintendent Bill Foster says several parents have filed complaints and says he felt sick when he heard the news."Anger, sickness, you know you get sick at your stomach that a predator would pray on kids, innocent kids that don't know any better. I'll refrain from calling the person who is doing this what I think about him, but we've got to keep our kids safe."

Parents say its unnerving to get such a blunt letter, but that they are appreciative of the district for keeping them informed.

Bangs ISD Parent, Steve Locke, explains, "That was the right thing to do that Mr. Foster did, he explained it very well in his letter."

At this time there are multiple agencies involved in the case and the investigation ins ongoing.

To read the letter that was sent out to parents, click here.

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