Body Discovery Has Sweetwater Locals On Edge

An update tonight on the investigation of the body found in Sweetwater yesterday. Residents claim they saw authorities searching a vacant truck that belonged to a man often seen in the area.  Folks in that area say they haven't seen that man in some time.

"We don't know where he's at, where he's been, and now with this body, we're just hoping it's not him," says Johnny De Los Santos, an employee at B-Line Lube.

However, speculation only increased when De Los Santos says authorities were out investigating the vehicle early this morning.

Santos says, "I wanna say they were probably looking for some hair samples, or some identification, I don't know."

Carolyn Sorrells lives just down the road off of exit 242.

"It was kinda scary. To think that they could find a body right here," says Sorrells.

Ashley Barns, her husband and four children live even closer to the spot where the body was discovered.

Barns says, "Last night we pulled in and heard that it was a body and we were shocked. Shocking."

Such news in such a small town hits hard. Some still have their peace of mind intact.

"I don't think that there was any activity involved such as homicide so we still feel safe," says Barns.

Others are more aware.

Sorrells says, "Before, you don't pay attention. You think, its just a road people travel it all the time. But now, you kinda pay attention."

And many, still don't know what to think.

"I've heard and seen it on TV in bigger cities, but here in Sweetwater, I wouldn't think nothing like that would ever happen," says De Los Santos.

Now there is no direct correlation between the man that allegedly lived in this truck and the remains found in the center median over there. The chief of police was out of the office today so he was unavailable for comment.

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