Boot Camp Instructor Responds To Claims of Abuse

Published 01/09 2013 06:20PM

Updated 01/09 2013 06:36PM

"The only reason why I had to tase her was because she physically came at me," says 21-year-old drill instructor Devon Denomie.

Denomie is admitting to using a stun gun on a teenaged girl, after he and other drill instructors from Reality Invasion, a boot camp for troubled teens, were called to the home by a parent.

"Everytime we go to the home we're called," said Denomie.

The military style boot camp takes house calls, if requested by a parent. In this case, Denomie says the girl's mother was home and even granted permission to use the stun gun, when her daughters behavior became uncontrollable.

"After we did that, we didn't have any problems," said Denomie.

That is, until just recently, when Reality Invasion found out they were under investigation by the Abilene Police Department, for allegations of assault.
But the boot camp says stun guns are only used as a last option, and that all parents involved are aware of that policy.

"They have to circle yes and sign the paper saying that we can tase them if needed," said Denomie.

Jenn Duke, the parent of another child in the program, agrees.

"The permission slip that we sign when we enroll them into the program says it would only be used when they don't have another option. Like if the kid is attacking them."

The boot camp says this is the first time a stun gun has been used on a child.

"We don't use the taser as discipline. It's for safety reasons," said Denomie.

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