Bret Michaels: Hired or Fired?

Rocker Bret Michaels faced off against actress Holly Robinson Peete on Sunday?s Celebrity Apprentice season finale. Who was fired ? and who was hired?

Against all odds, it was Bret Michaels? sheer determination that allowed him to make it to Sunday?s live finale of The Celebrity Apprentice. The rocker?s amazing return proved that he?s as ?RockSolid? as the Apprentice team he competed on.

Turns out the trip ? which included a quick detour in Nashville ? proved to be well worth it after Donald Trump declared Michaels, 47, the third season winner.

Prior to the live show, Holly Robinson Peete ? who cried when she saw Michaels ? showed support for him on her Twitter page. ?I know the whole country is pulling for Bret,? she Tweeted. ?In many ways I am too!?

Just days after he was named a finalist on the show, the musician ? who was still recovering from an emergency appendectomy and life-threatening brain hemorrhage ? was readmitted to the hospital after suffering a warning stroke.

Although Michaels ? who is undergoing twice-daily rehabilitation treatments ? walked with a slight limp at the finale, he appeared otherwise healthy and ready to take on Robinson Peete.

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