Brittany's Bigs: A Doctor Finds The Time to be a Big Brother

In this week's Brittany's Bigs, we have a Big Brother Little Brother match.

Gary Goodnight is a doctor here in Abilene, and despite a demanding work schedule, he has found the time to take part in the Big Brothers Big Sisters non-profit organization.

"I think everyone thinks that it is a bigger commitment than they can afford time-wise but we try to get together at least every other week at a minimum for an hour to two hours at a time", says Goodnight

Gary's Little Brother, Xavier, is a fourth grader in Abilene and loves the things that they get to do together.

"It's been a lot of fun. I've only had two daughters, so it's nice having a young son, young brother here to share things with. We go to primetime, we go get a coke sometimes, go to the planetarium, and we got to his airplane", says Goodnight.

Big Brother Gary is a huge fan of this program and believes there is much to gain from giving back to the youth right here in our community.

"I'm not trying to discipline him or anything. I just encourage him in areas that he already enjoys and I just want to encourage him to continue his studies and his reading and to enjoy some things outside what he already might be exposed to", says Goodnight.

Xavier loves having an older brother to look up to and thinks that everyone else should have one too.

"Cause you could go places with them, they are fun, and they are a way to get out of the house", says Xavier

They plan on hanging out together for a long time.

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