Brittany's Bigs: Abilene Student Finds Friend Through BBBS Program

Big Sis Lisa Mertz and Lil Sis Jennifer Addington enjoy being goofy together and are all about having a good time.

For three years, the two girls have been matched through the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization and they both have gotten a lot out of the program.

Mertz said, "I am the youngest in my family.  So i don't have any younger sisters and so I'm kind of blessed to be a big sister, and it's kind of an honor"

Jennifer is thankful that Big Sis Lisa gets to spend time with her despite a busy college schedule.

"You get to do stuff that you can't do all the time because you're parents are working", said Addington.

While both Little Sis and Big Sis have benefited from the match, Lisa thinks the experience has been life-changing.

"I just think that I went into it, thinking that I was going to make such a big impact on this person and really it's been the opposite. She is the one making the impact on me", said Mertz

There are plenty more memories to make within this life-long friendship.

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