Brittany's Bigs: ACU Senior Makes Time To Spend With Her Little Sister

"Well spending the four years with Sarah has been the time of my life," says Kandice Rodriguez.

Little Sis Kandice Rodriguez is a third grader in Clyde and absolutely adores her Big Sis Sarah Lollar.

"You know, she's like sort-of the best friend I've ever had," adds Kandice.

And it's obvious the feeling is mutual for Sarah.

"It's worth it. I mean, it's not easy being in school all day and working like I do and then driving to Clyde but it's worth it to come spend 30 minutes with her," says Sarah.

It's that half-an-hour time slot that Kandice looks forward to every week.

"I always keep asking, is it Thursday yet? I wanna see Sara", says Kandice.

Now Sara is a Senior at ACU, so it will be their last year as a lunch buddy match.

She wants to encourage other students to become part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization and make a positive impact on the future generations.

"I would say, get involved because it's good experience and you're helping others. It's very meaningful to your match and yourself", says Sara.

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