Brittany's Bigs: ACU Student Fills Void by Being a Big Brother

Tyler Lewis is no stranger to community service, and now he is making an even bigger impact just by investing in a child's life.

"On my first day out here, he came up and said, will you be my brother? I said, yes I will so we went and signed up and about two months later it was official", said Lewis.

Before Lewis became a Big Brother he was already making a positive impact on the lives of kids in the Abilene Community.

"We got a bunch of college kids that bring a bunch of kids from the apartment complexes around town out to Redbud Park every Wednesday. We play soccer, tennis, and all kinds of sports," said Lewis.

Lewis said he always had an interest in helping out the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization and going away to college at ACU made him want to be a Big Brother even more.

"'Cause I'm one of a lot of siblings and so I was leaving a lot of my siblings behind," said Lewis.

Eight-year-old AJ Worthington said it doesn't get any better than spending quality time with his Big Bro.

"Way better than anything," said Worthington.

Lewis said the program has been rewarding for both him and his little brother.

"I didn't expect us to get close so quick. He's easy to love and he's ready to be loved.  He was really excited when we became big brothers," said Lewis.

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