Brittany's Bigs: Brittany With Her Little Sister

It was bring your little to work day and I had the chance to bring my little sister, Kyrsten of over two years to KRBC.

"What's your favorite memory with me Kyrsten that we've done? I asked.

"Snowcones," replied Kyrsten.

Before anchoring Abilene Midday, Kyrsten got to see what it's like to sit behind the desk.

"Want to try reading it (teleprompter)?" I asked Kyrsten.

"Sure. 'Live on TV and streaming online, thanks for joining us on Abilene Midday. I'm Brittany Pelletz', " read Kyrsten.

No matter what Kyrsten and I do together, we always have a good time.

"You want my job in a few years? The new Brittany Pelletz right here?"

But when she learned that I came into work at two in the morning that day, she said she'd leave the anchoring to me.

 "You can have the job back," said Kyrsten. 

It's important to me to be a good role model to my little sister and to inspire her to follow her dreams.

And while I may be bias, I think everyone should have a little sister or a little brother and be part of this non-profit organization in Abilene.

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