Brittany's Bigs: College Student Finds Time For Little Sister

College students in Abilene are swamped with busy schedules, but one student is not letting that stop her from volunteering her time to the Big Brothers Big Sister program.

"I really wanted to do the community-based program, but with my time schedule I couldn't. So I did the lunch buddy program. I was so excited, met Ruby, and we just have so much fun, " says Shalania Lakey.

Big Sister, Shalaina Lakey says there's no such thing as not enough time to help out.

"I take 30-40 minutes of my day to come eat lunch. I have to eat lunch anyways so I might as well eat with my Little Sister," says Lakey.

Lakey says although she was excited to be a Big Sister, she admits she was nervous at the beginning.

"When I first met Ruby, I was like I hope she likes me, oh I don't know," recounted Lakey.

But it only took a short period of time before Little Sister Ruby and Big Sis Lakey bonded.

"She's nice," said Ruby.

" I've never had a little sister so this is a new experience for me," added Lakey.

With summer approaching, Lakey says she'll be switching over to the community-based match, which means they can hang out outside of school.

"I can't wait to teach her how to play softball because she says she has never played softball before," says Lakey.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization strives to pair matches based on their compatible and Lakey says she couldn't be happier with her Little Sister.

"She's so great and it just worked out perfectly," said Lakey.

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