Brittany's Bigs: Duo Helping Meals on Wheels

The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization is not only helping to keep kids active and involved, it's also teaching them the importance of volunteering.

This week a big sister match found the fun in donating to two charities.

"For one thing, Karla is the perfect Little Sis," says Brenda Stremmel.

It's only been six months since Big Sister, Brenda and and nine year old Karla have matched through the non-profit organization, but both already couldn't be happier.

"I had retired from teaching. I'm not a grandmother, so I wanted my kid-fix. And so I thought this was the best thing and I'd leave my own personal children alone," says Stremmel.

Together they help deliver Meal on Wheels to Abilene residents. It's not only fun but Stremmel hopes it teaches Karla a valuable lesson.

"I think you always need to give back. That is the whole thing of life is to give and not receive," says Stremmel.

Stremmel says being a Big Sister keeps her young.

"If you're old and you want to go to those animated shows, it won't matter. You can still go to all of the fun things. They'll go that old lady is here, why is she here? But she has somebody  near here it's great," says Stremmel.

Stremmel enjoys being a mentor and thinks other retired Abilene residents could benefit from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

"If you are looking for some way to inspire someone or for you to be encouraged or inspired, this is a great way to do it," added Stremmel.

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