Brittany's Bigs: High School Students Becoming "Pals" to Local Kids

Only a select few are chosen to be part of a unique Big Brothers Big Sisters program, called Pals.

Upper classmen from Cooper, Abilene, and Clyde High Schools got to learn all about leadership by serving as mentors to some elementary school students.

"These are the cream of the crop kids. They are good kids, good leaders", says Cara Dowdy, Pals Coordinator

A group of Cooper High Students are all about setting good examples for their little's that they are matched up with for one class period each week.

"A lot of these children, you know don't have an older sibling , don't have somebody to talk to, maybe have a single parent and don't get a lot of one-on-one time and so, it's really good for them to have someone that is a positive role model that they can look up to and really just have a friend", says Lizzie Follwell

Follwell, who  is a senior at Cooper,  loves her weekly visits with her little Kia Sosa, a fifth grader at Bowie Elementary.

Follwell says, "I like being a part of things that are bigger than myself and not just things that focus on myself but that focus on other people and what's really important. I think I would just get really bored if I was just sitting through high school with nothing to do with my time,"

Kia Sosa says she really appreciates the quality time she gets to spend with Lizzie.

Lizzie wants to encourage other high school juniors and seniors to look into joining the Pals Program because it's important to inspire the kids in our community and it only takes a little bit of time.  

"In Pals, really the only time we are committed in Pals is during our class period. So it really doesn't take a lot of time outside of school to do anything. And I understand that because everybody is really, busy so Pals is an awesome program because of that", says Follwell

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