Brittany's Bigs: Krystal Signor & Karyl Rister

"We started in kindergarten and now she's in fourth grade," big sis Karyl Rister said of her little sis, Krystal Signo.

The two enjoy spending time together.

"We go eat lunch and we go to Mr. Gatti's with Big Brothers Big Sisters," says Krystal.

It's obvious that Krystal looks up to her big sis and for Karyl because of the rewarding friendship.

"I've just been very blessed to have Krystal," Karyl said. "She's real sweet and we just enjoy each other."

For those that think they don't have enough time to participate in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, Karyl says it doesn't take much time to make a big difference.

"It definitely can work.  I work 3 days a week, and I'm 80 years old, and so there's no reason why anyone couldn't do this"

Karyl and Krystal are looking forward to the many adventures that lie ahead and hope that others can become part of the program too.

Go to Select information on Abilene for more details.

There are several different match programs within the BBBS organization, including the lunch buddy program and community-based matches.

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