Brittany's Bigs: Lunch Buddy Program

Now that school is in session throughout the Big Country, there are over 100 children on the waiting list for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Lunch Buddy Program.

Jacque Barton works full-time but is still able to eat lunch with her little sister Brittany once a week.

"I love to be able to come here and see Brittany and talk to her, it's just about a 20-minute thing. They eat so fast, and so I just run out here, get our food, then we talk a few minutes, when her class gets ready to leave, then she is ready to go to", said Barton.

They've been lunch buddies for nearly a year, and she's seen big changes in Brittany.

Barton said, "she's just so special. She doesn't talk a lot, but just the socialization over the year, I've seen a big change in her"

Barton stressed the importance for people to volunteer for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program because the organization helps shape the future of our community.

Barton said, "it doesn't matter if you have a job or not. I think you need to bring some value to the community. It gives them something to talk to somebody else outside the family."

Just 25 minutes once a week can change a life.

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