Brittany's Bigs: New College Students Volunteer for Big Brother Big Sister

Now that college is back in session here in Abilene, several students are finding the time to volunteer for non-profit organizations, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters.

"I think it allows you to find your inner kid again," says Kristin Goodwin.

Goodwin is a student at ACU and has always enjoyed working with kids.

"So when I came off to school, I knew I would be separated from younger children and I wanted to make sure that I still had a way to connect with them," says Goodwin.

Goodwin was anxious and excited to join the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and being matched with little sis, Malinda has been great ever since.

"I think it's a great connection. Just being able to use what you've learned throughout school, because we just came out of high school. Even though, we're in college, we still have a connection with all of the kids that are in school, because we're still in school now," adds Goodwin.

Malinda has lots of fun with big sis, Kristin and she's also helping her in school.

"She taught me a math problem. I ate and ate and got sick on the flood. Eight times eight equals sixty-four," says Malinda.

Kristin enjoys her quality time with her little sister and thinks that other college students should pass on what ther've learned to help out the youth in our community. 

"Hopefully things that I have learned in my life, I can pass on to her. And that I can share them with her," says Goodwin.

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