Brother Describes Last Phone Call with Missing Sister, Confrontation with Her Husband

Published 08/01 2013 10:23PM

Updated 08/01 2013 10:35PM

Days after confronting Amber Christensen-Lowery's husband about her disappearance, Ryan Christensen says he had a feeling Mike Lowery was responsible from the beginning.

Christensen says his last conversation with Amber the Tuesday she went missing is what led to his suspicions. Amber had told him that she and her husband had been fighting, and mentioned going to a divorce lawyer later in the week. She then told Ryan that if anything happened to her, that Mike would be responsible.

Monday, after handing out flier, Ryan ran into Mike in downtown Rising Star. Ryan confronted Mike about his suspicions, and Mike claimed he had not done anything to Amber. Ryan tells us that he knew right then that something wasn't right.

Amber and Mike's two sons are in CPS custody. Members of the Christensen family say they are trying to get custody of their nephews.

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