Car Wash Raises Money, Helps Friends, Searchers Cope with Loss of Hailey Dunn

They were washing away more than dirt, they were washing away sadness and disbelief. And at the same time, it was a way for them to say thank you.

"Thank you to the community and everybody else that came in and helped throughout the 28 months of searching, who said prayers for us,"explained Kristy Turner.
But it's also a way for family, friends and searchers to cope with the loss of Hailey Dunn.

"It's still kind of, this is not real. You know, we've been looking for this beautiful child for 28 months and it just does not feel real that that was her body, and that she's deceased," Turner said. "So to us, it's kind of a help to realize that she's not with us anymore and we can do something to honor her."

"It's a healing process for me cause it takes your mind on doing something," said Linda Fox.

Fox knew Hailey before she went missing, and joined the search efforts on day one. And now she's doing everything she can to keep Hailey's name alive.

"It's just something we have to do, we want to do. We really can't explain, because you had to know Hailey to want to do this, and I did," Fox explained. "And this is to honor Hailey."

And as cars continue to pull up and the drivers continue to make donations, volunteers can't help but notice how much Hailey meant to everyone.

"It just shows that Hailey did have that much impact on everybody. That no matter what anybody has said about the searchers or the family or whoever, that we're here for Hailey. We love Hailey. Whether we knew her or not," said Turner. 

But for now, they will continue to wash away the sadness while continuing on with a new hope.

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