Cline Shale: Impact on Abilene's Economy

Published 04/12 2013 04:54PM

Updated 05/15 2013 03:00PM

While Taylor County may not lie in the Cline Shale region of oil discovery, that does not mean that Abilene will not experience its effects.

"We believe we are going to be in a support role, but in term of economic development activity, we have seen a huge increase in just the last sixty days," Gary Robinett of the Abilene Industrial Foundation tells us.

Friday's Cline Shale alliance quarterly luncheon provided the expected economic impacts for several Big Country counties.

"I think as the Cline Shale grows we will see an increased demand for workforce, and a lot of that demand will come from Abilene," says Robinett.

Since Abilene is the largest city near the Cline Shale region, areas to develop land on is highly sought after.

"We have spoken to retail developers, apartment developers, and temporary workforce lodging developers. They are all looking for space in Abilene so that if the Cline Shale grows like it is anticipated, they will probably do some development in or around Abilene," stated Robinett.

While the exact economic extent to which the Cline Shale region will play on Abilene remains unknown, folks at the meeting today believe we will have a much better understanding come the end of 2013.

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