Coffee Club: Credit, Debit, or Cash?

Published 02/10 2014 08:55AM

Updated 02/10 2014 09:07AM

There have been several recent security breaches at Target, Neiman Marcus and Michael's stores.
So our question is--which do you use more: credit, debit, or cash?

If a thief goes on a shopping spree with your card, could you be responsible for the charges?

By law, the maximum liability for fraudulent charges on credit cards is $50. But with debit cards-- the longer you wait to tell your bank the more it could cost you.

If you report a stolen card right away and there are no charges, it costs you nothing.

If you tell the bank within two days you are liable up to $50.

But if 60-days go by and you don't report it to your bank, you're liable for all the money that has been taken from your accounts.

Are you ever worried about the security of you payment method of choice?

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