Coffee Club: Does Your Attitude Impact Your Health?

Published 06/02 2014 08:49AM

Updated 06/02 2014 08:53AM

A new study just published in the journal, Neurology, found that cynical people have a greater risk later in life of dementia.

Specifically researchers looked at cynicism that was mistrustful of others--when someone believes the other is motivated by self-interest.

The study looked at nearly fifteen hundred people at the average age of 71 years old. The participants were given a test for dementia and one for their level of cynicism.

The results shows people with the highest level of cynical distrust had a two and a half times greater risk of dementia than those with lower levels of cynicism.

Researchers say the study does not prove that this attitude causes dementia. But it does back up previous research that overly cynical people develop worse health problems.

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