Coffee Club: Love At First Height?

Published 02/12 2014 08:44AM

Updated 02/12 2014 08:49AM

When it comes to matters of the heart -- new research reveals that height really does matter when it comes to finding a mate.

That's right, and don't blame the messenger for this one!

A new study says a near majority of women would never even consider dating a man shorter than her.

The study, done by Rice University and the University of North Texas, looked at a large group of men and women's dating profiles.  They compared a group of 455 men and 470 women. 

They  found that just 13% of men prefer to date women that were shorter.

But almost half of women -- 49.9% -- prefer to only date men that are taller than they are.

The researchers say this defies the trend that when people look for a mate they look for similarity. Instead, the women in the study said they preferred a tall partner for protection and to feel more feminine themselves.

Does height matter to you?

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