Coffee Club: Online Scam Targets Dog-Lovers

Published 07/07 2014 08:42AM

Updated 07/07 2014 08:49AM

Coffee Club: Where did you get your pet? Would you ever consider buying a dog/cat online?

While some online pet sales are legitimate, it's buyer beware!

Crooks can hook you with pictures of cute, adorable, "just gotta have one" puppies online. They take your money, and your info, and disappear.

Ohio's attorney general is warning about an increasing number of these scams. They're found all over the country, according to

And since there's more emotion tied to a prospective pet, you've really got to protect yourself, and your money.
The website suggests you never pay for anything, including a pet, without seeing it in person.

Where did you (or where would you) buy your pet?

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