Coffee Club: The Wine Versus Beer Debate--Which is Healthier?

Published 10/04 2013 10:35AM

Updated 10/04 2013 10:39AM

Which is healthier-- a glass of red wine, or a cold mug of beer?

Do you prefer one over the other?

Turns out there are actually a lot of unknown healthy benefits to your brew.

Wine gets a lot of credit for anti-oxidant benefits. But beer and wine actually contain the same amount anti-oxidants.

And, the protein and b-vitamin content of beer is higher than that in wine.

Beer also contains silicon, which is found in few foods and is linked to bone strength.

But don't get too excited! Experts do add that the alcohol in beer mostly cancels out these benefits.

And here's the caloric rub: A 12-ounce bottle of beer -- costs you anywhere from 95-360 calories.

By comparison, a five ounce glass of wine will run you 120 calories.

But here's one last fun fact for you -- have any leftover beer? There's a benefit to that too. Pour beer on your hair and it will restore life, shine and smooth your hair.

In your opinion, who's the winner in the wine versus beer debate?

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