Coleman Man Prepares for 18,000 Mile Bike Journey

By Courtney Burris | cburris@krbc.tvg

Published 04/21 2014 11:18PM

Updated 04/21 2014 11:36PM

A group of five guys plans to bike from the North tip of Alaska all the way to Southern Argentina. One of the Pedal South members, Jack Reynolds, is a Coleman native. "The trip is going to be 18,000 miles and we are going to cycle all the way from the most northern tip of Alaska to the Southern tip of Argentina" explains Reynolds.

The Pedal South group is made up of guys that met while studying film at the University of Texas and the filmmakers plan to document the two year journey. "The whole goal of the project is we want to get out there and we want to connect the Americas through storytelling. We want to paint a picture of the Americas that hasn't been done before" explains Reynolds.

Jack got interested in cycling years ago when his father introduced him to the sport. He has been on several long distance journeys before, but never a self-supported adventure of this magnitude. Reynolds explained that their two largest fears are being kidnapped and the bears. Both of course legitimate fears, however Jack says he loves this kind of adventure. "There's a lot to be scared of, there's so much unknown and you know that's just my kind of personality and the other four guys- we love embracing the unknown."

Embracing the unknown is not quite as simple for the loved ones he is leaving behind for two years. Jack's girlfriend, Amy Skelton, says she is trying to prepare herself for the long stretches where they will not be able to communicate. "Like Jack said, the unknown is what he loves, but the unknown is what his loved ones fear- so those are the times I am trying to prepare most for" explains Skelton.

Jack's mom, Becki, says that at first, she thought that the Pedal South project was too big, too costly, and too dangerous. "I should never put "too whatever" in front of something that Jack wants to do because I know when he sets his mind to something, he will do it."

Pedal South plans to embark on the journey in early June. After two years on bike, they will come back and produce a feature length film about their journey.

The group will be uploading pictures and mini documentaries along the way. You can follow their journey at

The group also has a page set up where they will be collecting donations for their journey. If you would like to help support them, visit

You can also find more at the Pedal South Facebook page.

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