Coleman Woman Claims Psychic Vision Showed Where Hailey Would be Found

"Dead end road. With trees; winter time," said Caroline Jackson. 

That is what this picture, drawn by Jackson, depicts. When she first heard that Hailey Dunn went missing, this image is why she wanted to talk to police.

"I knew she was dead," she explained. "I knew she would be found in pieces. And I saw a picture of where they would find her body."

She drew the picture for two search groups in August and September of 2012. But when she showed them what she saw, Jackson told them she had no idea where that location was exactly.

"And where Hailey was found is what she described," said Kristy Turner, searcher.

But she claims to know where Hailey's body was.

"Here's the dead end road," she points out on the drawing. "Here are the trees." 

And where she been before that.

"This is a bridge. They took me to this bridge. I firmly believe she was  moved from the original burial site."

So we asked: "What about what you saw is different than what the average person will assume?"

"The difference in assuming this is what's going to happen is the picture in my head," answered Jackson. 

And when the skeletal remains found at Lake J.B. Thomas were identified as Hailey's, searcher say they instantly thought of Jackson's picture.

"When I did first drive out there, that road caught my eye," said Turner. "And I thought, oh my goodness, that is what she drew."

So, believe what you want about the vision. The fact is, a woman drew a picture of a place she believed the missing teen was. The drawing, whether by coincidence or revelation, at least somewhat resembles the spot where the remains were found.

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