Colorado Schools Still Hopeful They will see Hailey Again

Though it has been two years since Hailey was in her classroom, Tammy Johnson remembers what it was like to have the teen in her class.

"Lots of fun," the eighth grade reading teacher said. "She was very spunky, high energy."

Tammy says everyone is still anxious after hearing the news of the latest developments in the case of the missing teen. But, students and teachers have not given up on Hailey just yet.

"Nervous. I guess being on pins and needles, basically. But we really feel like after what we heard, we still don't know any different," she explained.

The school district has made councilors available for their students, and they have seen a few reach out to their faculty already.

"Some of our teachers received phone calls from those students last night, wanting to communicate and just talk about it," said Colorado City Middle School principal Mark Merrell.

That's because the students and faculty in this small school district feel like one big family.

"Once we've taught these kids and developed relationships with them, we consider them our own," Tammy said.

"It does have an impact on you emotionally because you do care, you do know them," Mark said.

But, Tammy says no one has changed their outlook on the case, and that everyone is still optimistic that they will see Hailey again. 

"After we really analyzed what we saw, we still have the same outlook. You know, we still don't know anything. And we still believe and hope strongly that she's coming back. And that's, we still feel like we don't have any proof that that's not going to happen," she explained.

The middle school has set up a scholarship fund in Hailey's name. So far, they've raised about $1,100. That money will go towards a member of Hailey's class when they graduate.

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