Continuing Story: Exclusive Interview with Amber Lowery's Husband

Published 07/31 2013 10:16PM

Updated 01/08 2014 04:35PM

This is Amber Christensen Lowery's husband just over 24 hours before he was arrested.

He agreed to do an interview with Kristin Anderson Monday shortly after she spoke to his brother-in-law, Ryan Christensen as he handed out fliers around downtown Rising Star. It was then that Ryan told Kristin that he spoke with Amber the Tuesday night she went missing, and she admitted that something was wrong.

"She had mentioned that she had been arguing with her husband and had just been talking about divorce and things of that nature," explained Ryan.

Since the interview, family members have told Kristin that Michael has physically abused Amber in the past. This includes one time in November of 2011, when he was arrested for domestic abuse, breaking Ambers's nose so badly that she had to get reconstructive surgery.

Ryan agreed to take Kristin to the Lowery's property when they ran into Michael. After a heated argument between the two, Michael told Kristin that the last time he saw Amber was 9:45 that Tuesday night,and that's when Amber left.

"It's supposeded that there were some unknown friends or unknown people coming into town to meet her. And I don't have any clue who these people were or why they were in town or for what purpose, when... Anything. Any information on these people," said Michael.

So Kristin asked him how he knew Amber had been with these "unknown people" if he had no information on them: "Did she say or did she tell you she was going to meet up with these people?" Kristin asked.

"No ma'am. I had no information on these people whatsoever," Mike answered. "So she just left?" "She just left," he said. 

He continued to say that when Amber left, that was the last he saw of her CRV until it was discovered Saturday in front of a closed down laundromat.

"Uhh, for one that she parked it," he said. "That uh, uh, she was the one driving the car. She had to have been the one that left it."

But an affidavit states that a witness saw him walking in front of the laundromat with a baby in a car seat. The witness gave Michael a ride back to his house. The witness later identified Michael as the man they gave the ride to.

Another witness told authorities that they saw the CRV pull into the laundromat parking lot and also identified the driver as Michael Lowery.

The affidavit goes on to state that, "Amber Lowery did not drive away on Tuesday evening."

And while the news of her disappearance has her family shocked, Michael told a different story when he was interviewed before his arrest.

"She has left in the past for up to three weeks. Uhh... So this is not totally unlike her," he said. "But it is unlike her to not be in contact with someone."

Family members on both sides have confirmed with Kristin that the three weeks Michael is referring to was an effort by Amber to being divorce proceedings against her husband. But before that could happen, they reconciled. Family members say she decided it was best they stay together so their son could grow up in a home with both his mother and father, together.

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